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Flip recruiting on its head- Instead of drowning in resumes that never get read, let AI call, screen, and rank your candidates for you.

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Michael Scott

It's like having a robot assistant, but better because it doesn't need a plug. It's like the HAL 9000 of recruiting, but without the whole 'taking over the spaceship' thing. It's genius, really.

- Michael Scott

How it works

Upload Your Job Posts

Paste in the details of your open jobs and our AI parses the details like location, skills, salary and experience.

Then our AI system generates 10 challenging interview questionsbased on the skills and requirements listed in the job post.

Customize the interview questions as needed and your automated phone screen is ready to go.

Share Application Links

Every job post you create comes with a unqiue application link. Like this one >

We recommend putting this link directly in your public job post and allow anyone to receive an automated phone screen immediately.

Applicants enter their contact information and our AI agent immediately calls them to begin the phone screen.

Analyze Candidate Performance

For each candidate, you'll receive a scorecard that includes a detailed breakdown of how the candidate answered every question along with a score.

You can also playback the audio of the call, so that you have all the information needed to judge the candidate.

View all the candidates for your open jobs in one place to easily see the top performers.

Try it out!

Enter your phone number on our demo page and our AI Agent will give you a call to screen you for a job at Dunder Miffilin.

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